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  International Medical Insurance

Whether you're working abroad or just taking an extended family vacation, international medical insurance is a key component of your trip. Having the right international medical insurance means that you'll be able to enjoy your time overseas without worrying about any medical concerns that may arise. Cordell caters to travelers of all types, including immigrants, visitors, and all international travelers.

International Medical Insurance for Travelers

If you're planning on travelling outside of your home country for either the short term or the long term, Cordell has the right plan for you. International medical insurance plans can run as short as ten days, or as long as three years. Some plans even include baggage benefits and can be used domestically. Find out more about the different international medical insurance plans Cordell offers for travelers.

International Medical Insurance for International Citizens and Immigrants

For travelers coming into the United States for work, study, or play, it's important to recognize the need for medical coverage. Cordell offers a number of plans designed specifically with the international citizen in mind. Find out more about the Cordell's international medical insurance possibilities for immigrants and international citizens.

The best way to determine the right international medical insurance for you is by talking with a Cordell representative about your situation. Contact us today to see which of the following international medical insurance plans best matches your needs.