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Medical and health issues don't take a vacation, even though you may be on one. For traveling home and abroad, it's always a smart idea to carry the proper travel insurance for your trip. Whether you're just on vacation with the family or traveling far and away on business, Cordell's travel insurance offers a different plans to accommodate your travel needs.

Cordell's Travel Insurance Options

The following are two of Cordell's more popular travel insurance plans:

Liaison International (Travel Medical): The Liaison International plan is perfect for any individual or family traveling abroad with standard travel insurance needs. Liaison International offers up to $1,000,000 in travel medical protection during any time spent abroad with a maximum of three years. This travel insurance plan also offers benefits such as emergency evacuation/repatriation and assistance services.

Roundtrip (Trip Benefits): If you're planning on traveling both home and abroad, then the Roundtrip plan is right for you. Roundtrip offers travel insurance applicable to both domestic and international travels, and is the ideal protection against trip cancellation and interruption. This plan also offers benefits such as repatriation and baggage benefits, and is an ideal "safety net" for anyone booking an expensive trip.

Alternative Companies:

IMG (International Medical Group)

HCC Medical Insurance Services

Travel Guard Insurance

Medjet Assist - Medical evacuation to the hospital of your choice.

Every travel insurance plan has its own unique combination of benefits, rates, and coverage terms. The best way to determine your right plan is for a Cordell representative to talk with you about your situation. Contact us today to see which travel insurance best matches your needs.